Antonissen Development Group


Antonissen designs, develops and builds real estate with added value. Added value for you, the future user or resident of the building. But also added value for the environment and the neighbourhood where the building rises.

Why choose us

Antonissen in a nutshell

Project development is not an empty box for Antonissen. This is how we fill it:

One speciality

Antonissen is focused 100% on building high-value living and working areas. Professional project development is our speciality.


Antonissen goes for sustainable materials and careful urban planning. As a project developer we want to help build an eco-friendly society.

Price – Quality

Smart design means that we will make the most of every square centimetre of your new home. We do not let any room go to waste.


We question ourselves constantly and never design the same structure twice. Because permanent innovation is the key to better results.

Our project, your gain

Looking for real estate with a vision?In all our projects absolute living quality is our priority. Sustainable living comfort for several generations: that guarantee is the basis for a wise investment.

Investing in real estate?
Antonissen takes care of your added value
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