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Antonissen designs, develops and builds projects in cities like Antwerp and Brussels. We want to join beauty and functionality in every project. No matter if we are building places to live or work. This is how we create real estate with added value. Real estate you want to live or invest in.

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Good buildings stand the test of time.


Experience does not keep us from learning every day.


With our constructions we want to continue to inspire. Today, but also tomorrow.

Sustainable building

Projects we build today will offer the same quality of living in thirty and even fifty years time. Energy, maintenance, acoustics: these are the elements that matter to us a lot. Not just for you and the residents after you. Also for the environment. Because as project developer, we have a responsibility to the world and the climate.

Continuous learning

Antonissen has been a project developer for many years. Based in our Antwerp headquarters we offer real estate over the whole of Flanders and Brussels, while our experts continue to gather expertise. We consider workshops, seminars, conferences but also self-study essential tools for our craft.

Dare to innovate

Our approach is constantly subjected to critical evaluation. This allows us to construct better buildings all the time. Your apartment or office building is made of the newest materials and according to the principles which push architectural innovation to its limits. This is how we take care of projects that never cease to inspire. Tomorrow, but also in ten, thirty and fifty years.

Land wanted

Antonissen is always looking for land: building plots, undeveloped land, vacant offices or empty factory buildings. Do you own a building or plot of land that fits this description and are you thinking of selling it?

Contact us at 03/808.43.84 to make a non-binding appointment. We would be happy to discuss all your options and will draw up a proposal that will benefit both you and us.


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Our apartments and houses are in the price range between €150,000 and €300,000. This buys you a spacious place in a residential project committed to a green and sustainable way of life.

Nice to meet you

Now that we have introduced ourselves, we will be pleased to help you personally. Feel free to contact us. Check out our current projects and interesting news about the real estate sector.

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