Investing in real estate

Antonissen offers projects that are worth your investment.

Now more than ever investing in real estate is a profitable idea. The interest rates are low, while the rents are rising.

A savings account…

Traditional savings accounts have been at a dead end for years. The basic interests is just 1% in 2016. This is a historic low. The fidelity premium is usually not more than just 0.5%.

… or real estate?

If you rent out property, you will get an income on your bank account each month. No taxes are levied on rental income. Besides, the value of your property will rise over time, and you will eventually be able to sell it at a good price.

A financial option – also for you

You do not need huge financial means to invest in real estate. You do not necessarily have to finance real estate for 100% with your own funds. With just EUR 30,000 to 40,000 own contribution you can start to make your investment plan come true.  Even more, by using your creativity to finance your investment your return will significantly increase.

investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

Antonissen addresses resident buyers and investors.  The mixture between people who live in the residential accommodation and investors who rent out their property is essential for the later added value of your investment.

Our project, your gain

Antonissen, real estate with a vision. The living quality is a top priority for all our projects. This quality is extended over time. Because sustainable living comfort is the basis of a wise investment.

A customer talks

Why would you rely on Antonissen Development Group for your real estate investment? Mr and Mrs Hoeven did so and are more than pleased to tell you about their experiences with our expert.

Are you interested in an investment at Antonissen? Our experts will be glad to help you personally.

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