Antwerp expands to the north, the Eilandje district is more than ever the place under development in the city. To the east of Kattendijkdok you will find the Cadix district. Once an area of warehouses and seafarers – now the new residential area in the city. The project is therefore called by the appropriate name “Cadixdok” and consists of 31 apartments and 4 commercial spaces.

Cadixdok gevel 6

Private terraces and shared garden

Each apartment at Cadixdok has its own spacious terrace off the living room. But on the back, shielded off from the street, lies the real pearl of this project: a perfectly landscaped city garden with trees, benches, green resting areas and a playful wink to the water of the Eilandje district.

Cadixdok gevel 3

Bustling Antwerp at your front door

The MAS became the cultural hotspot of the city in just a few years time. And with the brand-new Red Star Line museum and the renovation of the historic Shop it is clear that Antwerp is fully investing in the expansion to the north. Cadixdok is at the centre of this new dynamic area: the perfect home base for people who want to reside, work, live and experience in Antwerp.

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