Releghem Business Park

Releghem Business Park

Releghem Business Park is a top development offering lots of assets: 28 small business units (building shell), varying between 142 and 1142 square metres, lots of parking space, high and isolated ceilings, timeless aluminium external joinery and a whole lot of daylight coming in.


No traffic jams

You will never be caught up in a traffic jam on the Brussels Ring Road because your office is right outside the capital. You will avoid the morning and the evening rush into and out of the city. Do you have an appointment in the city centre? You will be there in less than fifteen minutes. With no delays.

Releghem building shell

Building shell: to be decorated to your taste

All electrical connections are available in your office unit – that, but nothing else. You can choose how to organise and decorate your place from scratch. Do you want modern and trendy? Or more traditional? You choose, you decide.

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